Season 2: Week 1 – Cake Week

The new season of The Great Canadian Baking Show kicks off and our 10 new bakers enter the tent. Join James and Michael as they discuss their thoughts on the first set of challenges the contestants face. The guys also give an update on their Baking Brackets and make predictions for next week.

Signature – Upside-Down Cake
Technical – Orange Chiffon Cake
Showstopper – Birthday Cake

Season 2 – Prep Week

On your marks. Get set. Bake! Join Michael and James as they prepare for the new season of The Great Canadian Baking Show. In this Prep Week special, the guys watch all of the “Meet the Bakers” videos and give their first impressions of this season’s 10 bakers. They also start a new game for the season, “The Baking Bracket,” and invite listeners to join along!

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Interview with the GCBS Season 1 Winner

Did you miss us? We missed you! But we’ve got something special in store to go on the heels of the announcement of The Great Canadian Baking Show coming back for a second season! Join Michael and James as they interview Season 1 winner, Sabrina Degni and talk to her about her experience on the show and what it’s been like since she won.

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Week 8 – Finale

After eight weeks it’s down to three final bakers: Linda, Vandana, and Sabrina. Join Michael and James as they break down the bakes of the Season 1 finale with another couple glasses of bubbly and eventually reveal the winner. While this might be the last episode of the TV show for the season, we’ve still got some surprises in store so make sure to subscribe!

Signature – Mousse Cake
Technical – Pear Charlotte
Showstopper – Three-Tier Wedding Cake

Week 7 – French Patisserie Week w/ guests Terri Thompson & James Hoyland

As we draw closer to the finish line, Michael and James are joined by recently departed GCBS contestant Terri Thompson. The guys discuss Terri’s baking roots, spirituality, and bright green icing. After talking with Terri, the duo breaks down French Patisserie week. Later, they cap things off with an interview with baker James Hoyland about his experiences on the show and what it was like to be a semi-finalist.

It’s an episode that’s as long as a croquembouche that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Signature – Mille Feuille
Technical – Opera Cake
Showstopper – Croquembouche

Week 6 – Holiday Baking w/ guest Corey Shefman

As we head into December, the bakers are given the theme of Holiday Week and James and Michael have plenty of thoughts to share. In the second half of the episode (around 38:40), the guys are joined by Baking Show contestant Corey Shefman where they learn more about his baking process.

We apologize for the mispronunciation of rugelach. James actually was right.

Signature – Bûche de Noël
Technical – Rugelach
Showstopper – Gingerbread Houses

Week 5 – Best of Britain w/ guest Julian Dentremont

It’s time for the Best of Britain in the Canadian Baking Show tent and James and Michael return to give their thoughts on the week’s bakes. Later in the episode (around 41:05), the guys have a chat with Baking Show contestant Julian Dentremont about his experience on the show!

We’d also like to extend our thanks to our listeners and the bakers for embracing the podcast.

Signature – Trifle
Technical – Brandy Snaps
Showstopper – High Tea

Week 4 – Canada Week

It’s Canada Week in the Baking Show tent and James and Michael decided this would be the perfect time to start the podcast! Seeing as this is our first episode, the guys give their overall impressions of all the bakers before diving into the regularly scheduled show.

Signature – Tourtière
Technical – Maple Cookies
Showstopper – Donuts

Weeks 1-3 – Cake, Bread and Dessert Weeks

It’s a “bake to the future” episode! Although James and Michael originally started recording this podcast at Week 4, the guys decided to go back and give their thoughts on some of the bakes from the first three weeks of The Great Canadian Baking Show!

If you’re a brand new listener, this is your starting point…just be prepared for a slight change in the next episode. And if you’re a returning listener, then you know what’s up!

Cake Week
Signature – Cupcakes
Technical – Battenburg
Showstopper – Chocolate Layer Cake

Bread Week
Signature – Focaccia
Technical – Montreal Bagels
Showstopper – Sweet Bread Centrepiece

Dessert Week
Signature – Sweet Pie/Tart
Technical – Fondant Fancies
Showstopper – Pavlova